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The joint assessment system (JAS) is an electronic assessment system for pupils and teachers. It allows pupils to understand their objectives, assess their progress and see where they have to go next with their learning. It allows teachers to have an overview of their groups progress, attainment level and produce quick and easy reports, based on the data in the system.


Student Program - The Joint Assessment Client
Is designed so that students log in securely and can choose which Unit they wish to self assess. Then tick boxes indicating what they have achieved. The students can also choose to print off a report giving them instant feedback on what they have so have acheived thus far for the unit and what they have left to achieve.


Teacher Program - The Joint Assessment Teacher Utility
Is designed so that teachers can select their group and which unit they wish to view. They can then see an overview of what their students have stated they can do, amending if necessary. Teachers can also print off a customisable report from here including information such as: Name, Form, Group, Unit worked on, Attainment Level indicated, A description of their level and points of action to consider for the future.

Electronic Portfolio Mgt
Is designed so that students can submit their work through the system to the centrally stored database allowing common assessment across your school. Students attach work to units enabling teachers to easily collate and mark work. Resolves the problem of students sharing computers and saving work to their own network area. Teachers can easily retrieve and produce example work with assessment. Teachers log in and view their groups work so that they can edit the work, add comments and grades thus giving feedback to students. Aids document storage and shows work progression.

The Joint Assessment Admin Utility
Is designed to allow an administrator give students access to units and to manage pupil accounts, including groups,passwords etc.

Minimum requirements of the system can be viewed Here