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APP in JASonline…. How JAS ticks off your requirements

  • Students can traditionally self assess all units of work throughout the normal course of their schooling in JASonline – thus meeting the AfL agenda. They receive constant feedback with a level and points for action to improve their level.
  • Schools can import our APP statements into three new ‘units’ which are actually pieces of common assessment – 3 new projects to be assessed against APP. The student can login and tick off the APP criteria and upload their completed piece of work. Teachers can moderate / level and feedback against APP criteria grids. The system support the drafting process and overwriting of previously uploaded work. Once complete teachers can ‘lock’ the piece of work allowing no further attempts.
  • OR Schools can just add the APP statements to the traditional scheme of work so that for each project completed students also tick off APP statements. Teachers therefore can report on the APP section of each unit and can mark the traditional projects uploaded against the APP criteria (or amend the student ticks).
  • Schools have an evidence base on a class by class basis of leveled pieces of work.
  • Schools will be able to upload/choose exemplar pieces of work to accompany feedback showing the student what is required to work at the next level.
  • Schools could ask all APP departments to allow students to upload the APP assessed work. This would provide an overview for each student across subjects and an overview for the school.
  • Schools can report from the system on the APP units (or APP statements within a unit) in JAS showing the levels achieved by students which could easily show progression / highlight non-progression etc.

Demo JASonline at

The new APP statements can be download from HERE